Overcoming FEAR of Foods

I know you're afraid of certain foods.

I went a solid 3 years without eating bread/grain of any kind (adios PB&J's).⠀

There are definitely some scenarios where eliminating certain foods might be appropriate (food sensititvities, food intolerance, autoimmune diseases, healing inflammatory markers, etc).

But there's something you need to understand when it comes to long-term health.

????That fear you have around certain foods can be more damaging than the food itself.


1️⃣1. Education

Avoid overly simplistic explanations of foods or titling "good" or bad." I've had people test "highly sensitive" for avocado and "no reaction" to gluten. It just isn't that simple. Approach with curiosity, develop better context or hire a knowledgeable coach to help you figure out what is ideal for YOU.

2. Talk to Your Body

One of the most powerful ways to re-connect with your body and overcome dieting trauma is to SPEAK to your body. If you've spent years restricting/eliminating/abusing consider the following affirmations:

  • "Thank you for working so hard. It's ok to relax now."
  • "You are safe."
  • "This is safe."

3. 3️⃣Breathe Before/During/After Meals

Breathing is an incredibly powerful way to access our nervous system, tell our body it's safe, and assist digestion. 

4. Upgrade Your Meal Environment & Habits

Ever noticed how much you can get away with eating/drinking on vacation? Isn't it weird when you eat that cheese or pasta and you don't wake up feeling as crappy as you thought? Could it have something to do with the JOY of socializing, relaxing, breathing, truly enjoying your food? It could. Banish devices, sit DOWN and connect with loved ones. You are not as fragile as you think.????



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