Pimp Your BEDROOM for Better Sleep

We run a million miles an hour during the day, get home, eat, take care of chores and kids, plunk in front of a lightbox that tells our brain it's still daytime – and then think we have insomnia or sleep issues because we can't fall asleep when we decide to stumble to bed (or wake up feeling like crap).

The environment you create sends a ton of messages to your brain (that we often don't even realize), which is why the FIRST sleep tactic I walk my clients through is how to PIMP their bedroom.

Because that room is for two things and two things only...



That's it!

So today, I'm going to take you step-by-step through some essential elements to a sleeping environment that will have you looking forward to climbing into bed TONIGHT.


1. Light matters

Light tells the brain it's still daytime (which means it won't release melatonin until it thinks the sun has gone down).

Set up dim lighting for the evening like a bedside lamp or a salt lamp. Then make sure it's as dark as possible in your bedroom while sleeping (blackout curtains are a worthwhile investment).⚡️


2. Temperature

There is a specific range of temperature that your body achieves deeper sleep in.

Human sleep is highly regulated by temperature and studies have suggested the ideal temperature for achieving deep sleep is 65-69 degrees. If this seems impossible because you get cold, step it down slowly and take a look at your pajamas and bedding! (Bamboo everything is my absolute favorite).


3. Clutter

????Clutter all around the room is the opposite of relaxing.

Those clothes on the floor. That junk on your dresser. How much more relaxed will you feel walking into a clean and clutter-free space?


4. Electronics

Elimate all electronics (yep, including your phone and ESPECIALLY that tv!). This is a non-negotiable. Set up a charging station outside or across the room.

P.S. Sunrise alarm clocks are bae.⠀


5. Air Quality

When you breathe better, you sleep better.

This is particularly important for pet owners and anyone with allergies! No need to break the bank to find an air purifier that works well. My favorite is the Levoit for Home Allergies and Pet Hair.


I'll leave you with this question - How would your life change if your sleep was better?

It's an incredible thing to experience, but you have to do it to find out. Pimp your bedroom tonight and get on the road to bedtime being your new FAVORITE part of the day ;)????????????



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