????Practical tips to improve VITALITY and decrease EXHAUSTION.

I believe everyone has the innate desire to live a vibrant, fulfilled life.

I believe RE-learning how to nourish ourselves through our food, our actions and our environment is a most worthy cause.

I believe anyone who TRULY wants to feel energetic, look like they do and live well is capable of it.

????1. Turn off your phone notifications.

Neither of us is the President of the United States. It can wait. At minimum, turn them off after work.

????2. Delete the Facebook app.

You can still check via browser but less chance of getting sucked into those video black holes.

????3. Avoid clutter.

In your space and in your head. Remove something from your living space every day. Meditate, journal or reflect every day to purge excess thoughts.

????4. Move or stretch for 5 minutes upon waking.

????5. Fall in love with your physical capabilities. ➡️

If you can walk upright, you are already an engineering marvel. Don’t focus on what you can’t do or don’t enjoy, simply appreciate on a daily basis what you CAN do with your body.

????6. Learn how to breathe.

Through your nose, deeply, and often. This is great to practice while driving and boy howdy does it help with road rage.

????7. Get 5-10min of sunshine every day.

Or supplement with vitamin D.

????8. Connect deeply with 1-2 people every day. 

Social connection is always one of the top elements associated with longevity.

????9. Create a bedtime ritual. 

It should ease you into a relaxed state and start it at the same time every night (don’t @ me with “I live fer the weekends”).