As a health professional, I consider it my ethical responsibility to ensure everyone I work with understands the long-term results of resistance training and help you connect with its importance in a meaningful way.

Reasons to Lift

(other than to look good naked)

  • Break through mental blocks
  • Reduce pain
  • Support mitochondria
  • Increase cognition & white matter
  • Increase lean mass
  • Increase bone density
  • Feel like a badass everyday

????????Whether it's because you understand that the "toned" physique you desire is a result of having lean mass ????(note: you’re already a stunning creation, but it’s also okay to make empowered decisions about YOUR body).

????????Perhaps you understand the dire implications of bone health in older adults and how it affects independence and quality of life (Hunter et al 2004).

????????Or you work in a healthcare setting or have been exposed to healthcare settings where you see the implications of humans who lose functionality and their health.

????????Or maybe you've had to witness a loved one decline in their ability to care for themselves or fight off osteoporosis or metabolic disease (Hong and Kim 2018).

"As presented in this Position Statement, current research has demonstrated that countering muscle disuse through resistance training is a powerful intervention to combat the loss of muscle strength and muscle mass, physiological vulnerability, and their debilitating consequences on physical functioning, mobility, independence, chronic disease management, psychological well-being, quality of life, and healthy life expectancy." (Fragala et al. 2019)

Whatever that drive is, use it to push past...

  • ➡️The initial annoyance at how "unsexy" proper progressive programs are
  • ➡️The learning curve of dumbbells, machines, kettlebells or barbells
  • ➡️Looking up new movements and reviewing them and feeling frustrated that you don’t know quite know what you’re doing but DOING IT anyway
  • ➡️Getting past your first and second week and finding that stride and strength in the third week and beyond

This one practice can impact the REST of your life in ways you can't even imagine right now (beyond aesthetic desires).

  • ????????Playing with your grandchildren
  • ????Getting off your toilet by yourself
  • ????Staying out of the hospital as much as possible
  • ????????‍♀️Maintaining your independence

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