Three Reasons You're STUCK

If you're tired of starting over...

Frustrated by lack of results...

Or unsure where to go from here...

Here are THREE reasons why that might be happening:

1. You don't remember what it feels like to feel GOOD.

We often remain in patterns and behaviors by default. It takes intention and action to get OUT, which can be very uncomfortable.

Solution: Recall a time when you felt amazing. Get specific and vivid. Sit in those feelings. What can you do RIGHT NOW to start replicating that feeling? What can you do today that the future THRIVING version of yourself will thank you for?

2. You're stuck in massive action + burnout cycles.

Cycling between the phases of high motivation and action to phase of burnout that follow unsustainable action is EXHAUSTING. And a waste of your precious energy.

Solution: Stop going from zero to 100. Write out five actions that will move you forward right now. Then pick the two that would be the MOST effective if you started tomorrow. Nail them for at least seven days and add the next habit. Once you gained some trust in your ability to follow through, EVERYTHING changes.

3. You're underestimating the power of repetition.

I know it's boring. But there's a reason all the smart people you look up to in the health and fitness world agree on at least one thing - NOTHING BEATS CONSISTENCY.

Solution: Start chasing CONSISTENCY itself. If you struggle to string together more than five days of consistency, you're setting yourself up for failure from the outset. It doesn't matter how good a strategy is if you can't do it over and over... and over. Even if that means nailing breakfast or hitting 5k steps.

Now get after it!



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