Should You Train TODAY?

Let's play a game.

For every question below that you say YES to, you get one1️⃣ point. And at the end you're going to add up those points to get the answer.

Ready? Let's go!

  • Q1: Have I slept less than 6 hours?
  • Q2: Have I skipped any meals or undereaten substantially?
  • Q3: Do I feel like caca?
  • Q4: Am I more than moderately sore?
  • Q5: Does thinking of going to the gym stress me out?
  • Q6: Have I already trained 3+ times this week?
  • Q7: Am I experiencing chronic joint/muscle pain?
  • Q8: Am I going to show up and do random things?

Ok, now add up your scores...

  • 1️⃣1-33️⃣ = Get to the gym.
  • 4-5 5️⃣= Get to the gym, but consider a low-intensity movement or cardio session.
  • 6️⃣6+ = You could possibly still benefit from a thoughtful movement session. But maybe a long walk and/or some yin yoga?

Yeah, I wish it was as straightforward as completing a quiz (although I do hope this helps you consider the variables that can affect you).

And while I 1000% believe in listening to our bodies, along with listening, we need to gain understanding. And it takes time and practice with YOUR body to figure out what it needs and then have the discipline to DO what it needs.

A worn out, tired body from psychological stress is NOT the same as a worn out, tired body that has already exercised multiple times per week, ya feel me? That first body NEEDS to move (not to be punished - there's a big difference).

So, as always... IT DEPENDS.

Keep practicing, keep noticing, keep GOING!????



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