Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

We live in a society of badasses. Everyone handles and navigate so many things on a daily basis it’s insane. I think we’re more comfortable operating beyond our limits…which is kind of the problem. We’re not comfortable at rest.

The true reasons behind our stress have to be dealt with at some point. We think it’s the house or pressure at our job or a health problem. It’s not. It’s deeper than the current superficial issue.

But maybe we just can’t deal with that right now. Maybe our bandwidth is so filled to the brim, we just need simple. We need some specific actions to help us get through now and give us the opportunity - when we’re ready - to address the trauma, insecurity, unclear purpose or emotions that are at the core of our chronic stress. And that’s totally ok.

Here’s your gateway. Pick TWO suggestions from the list below that you can start doing tomorrow. Then nail the hell out of ‘em for the next two weeks.????????

1. Put your phone in timeout regularly throughout the day using Do Not Disturb.

????2. Get your phone out of the bedroom.

????????‍♀️3. Take 1 (unplugged) long walk or hike per week.

????4. Set aside 1 hour on Sundays for meal planning, prep or life administration

????5. Journal - check my previous post for the 3:1:1 Tactical which is simple AF.

????6. Plan meals 3 days at a time (and for heaven’s sake use grocery delivery or meal prep companies if this is a struggle area for you - it couldn’t be easier these days to get quality food).

????????‍♂️ 7. @sbtbreathe or box breathing @ 2p every day.

8. ????Create a rock solid AM routine that includes a light stretch, super quick journal and badass breakfast.

????????‍♂️9. Move every day - even if it’s just 10 minutes.

????10. Commit to the SOS Conversation - Ask “what’s causing me stress in this moment? Is there anything I can do about it right now?”

  • If yes - do that thing immediately
  • If no - 10 rounds of box breathing and let ???????? it???????? go


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