Tips to Stay Productive at

Home and at Work

In the past, I felt incomplete if I wasn’t filling every pocket of time with ‘doing’. These days, increased productivity (aka using my time more effectively) grants me freedom to fill my time with the good stuff: rest, relationships, care. If #hustle is your thing, when will it be enough? What costs are you willing to pay? Relationships? Your health? Happiness?

I hope that at least one of these suggestions saves you some time today, and that you choose to fill that time with something that brings you joy - the kind that arises from connection with a loved one or that settles after sittin’ by a lake.


????A “warmup” eases anxiety from task overload and helps me get into flow. I start by organizing my work area, performing 4-5 box breaths, brain dumping, & selecting my TOP 3 tasks for the day.


⏳Set specific blocks of time for tasks. Hitting the task or project you’re dreading FIRST thing is monumental. Plus, having a reminder to stand up & breathe every 30-35min actually extends my ability to focus rather than disrupts it.


????This was my first assignment from @drbenhouse. When I finally committed, it was a game changer. Planned rest days allow me crucial mental recharge & force me to be more productive with my allotted work time.


????Go nerd out on studies that show getting outdoors improves concentration, creativity & mental health, reduces mental fatigue & even boosts short term memory. Or just go sit your ass outside for a bit.


????It’s simple AF, and no I won’t stop talking about it:

  1. ⬆️Inhale into belly 3-4s
  2. Hold at top of breath 3-4s
  3. Exhale completely 3-4
  4. Hold at bottom of breath 3-4s
    x 8-10 rounds✏️


✏️Everybody has an endless to-do list. Having to-do’s isn’t bad, but letting them run your life and make you feel like an endless drone sucks. Divorce yourself from the flawed thinking that everything has to be done in one day & pick your top 3 priority tasks to help drive your effectiveness.