How to Stop SNOOZING

This one's gonna sting a bit...

When it comes to snoozing there's no way to go but cold turkey - and yeah, it's gonna suck for a couple days, but it’s SO WORTH IT and you’ll be poppin’ outta bed like a fresh daisy in no time.

What helped me kick it was understanding some of the physiological factors we’re dealing with.

We wake up thanks to something known as the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) - when it's functioning well we should see a rise in our cortisol (in this case a good thing!), and it should be at its highest level (by about 50%) approximately 30 minutes after waking. Then it should drop throughout the day.

In fact, there are a number of processes that start 1-2 hours before you wake up including a rise in your internal body temperature.

So...what happens when we hit that beautiful snooze button?

Well, your brain is all "oh snap, my bad, offense you're out, defense get back in there, she's actually going to sleep!"

And then the alarm goes off again and we've got a mad rush to bring out the wake-up team...

Eventually you've got these two forces slamming into each other and Brett Favre is throwing the ball to Emmitt Smith - you're drowsy, groggy and wanna throat punch everyone you see (I honestly wasn't sure where that sportsball analogy was gonna go, but I hope you get the idea).


????????Stop being a baby ????????

Lol, just trying to get you in the mindset because days 1 & 2 suck, but it gets better SO fast if you nut up!

????Crush your bedtime routine ????

Get adequate sleep & lay out or prepare as much as you can for the am. Automate all unnecessary decisions

☀️Expose yourself to full-spectrum light ASAP ☀️

Did you know our fat cells have light receptors? Leverage your physiology & get sunshine on your skin or turn on all the lights

????????‍♀️Move right away ????????‍♀️

5 Sun Salutations, 10 cat cows, a walk - whatever you'll enjoy & can commit to doing

????No phone????

Get it out of your room & don't even touch it for at least 15 minutes

Raise your hand ????????‍♀️ if you struggle with the snoozing! What are you going to try out tomorrow morning to kick this habit?



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