What Stories Are Running

Your Show?

I'll never forget the personal trainer who told me I "hid it well" when I was 16.
After a lifetime in gymnastics and ballet, I was adrift. I'd dabbled in triathlons, but I only enjoyed the swim portion and loathed running. So, that wasn't a great fit.
I went along with my mom to a training session and as he took my measurements and spoke those words, I don't think they even registered.
I don't even know if he meant it the way I ended up taking it. But for years, even as an avid CrossFitter then coach, I created a story about myself where I was never actually fit, I was never healthy, I just "hid it well."
Oof, talk about misalignment.
My heart aches for that young girl who felt like she was faking it for so many years. Who couldn't own the incredible growth and work she put in. That's the power of lies we tell ourselves.
They can go unnoticed for years but run in a loop in the background, poisoning our wellbeing, our choices, our joy. Our ability to grow and accept ourselves fully.
→ I have a serious question for you today, and I want to encourage you to take a moment and really think about it.
What lies are you telling yourself?
What stories could be running your show without you even realizing it?
Take a deep breath.
See those stories, those thoughts - thank them for trying to protect you - then let them go.
There's a season for everything, and this season is about growth for you.
I'm with you every step of the way.

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