STRESS Management Tools

I make these two assumptions when I cover stress management in the Fundamental Health Formula...

1. You WANT to better manage your stress

2.2️⃣ You DON'T want your life controlled by anxiety or overwhelm

Normally making ANY assumption as a coach is a bad idea, but in this case we make an exception.????????

❓How many of you were taught what to actually DO when you feel stressed growing up? Anyone? No?

I think that's the crux of the issue. Not having alternatives or framework for accepting, processing and moving through stressors means many of us end up sitting in it - extending our suffering.

Not to say it's SOOO EASY to change (obviously), but what if it’s not as hard as you think it is? Why not rule out the simple before seeking the complex?

Do you have any of these stress responses?

  • ????Food
  • ????Letting emotions build until a blowup
  • ????Unhealthy fixation on work or a project
  • ????Expressing impatience with a co-worker, friend or loved one
  • ????Droning on social media/device
  • ????Watching TV
  • ????Shopping

I honestly think we're all doing the best we can for the most part. I'd simply like to propose some new tools.

????Tools that over time will replenish and restore you. That will increase your bandwidth, potentially improve your relationships, your work and your contribution to the world

Now bear in mind they're just a start. It's up to you to take it further...but sometimes all we need is a start, right?

Just a second.

To gather ourselves.

Regain some space.

Choose a new pattern.

And embrace the mental and physical clarity that comes in the space we've created.

Techniques to become a stress management ninja


Inhale softly through the nose and expand your belly - without raising your shoulders.

Exhale with an open mouth slowly - like you're trying to fog a mirror.

  • 3sec inhale
  • 3sec hold at the top of your breath
  • 3s exhale
  • 3s hold at the bottom of your breath
  • x 8-10 anyimte, expecially helpful aroun meals and as need for stress/anxiety

2. MOVE!

Psychological stress needs to bem oved through and OUT of the body. You will notice an incredible difference simply by moving more often throught the day, whether it's 10 seconds or a minute at a time.


  • A quick walk
  • 20 jumping jacks (my favorite!)
  • 10 air squats
  • 10 kettlebell swings
  • 5 forward folds with breathing


The best way to upgrade your stress response is to ANTICIPATE that stress is evitable and thus build more buffers into your life. How much better will you manage that unexpected task dump after a 5-minute sunshine break versus going all day and then having it happen in the afternoon when you're depleted?

Here are some examples of times that can be a natural pause in your day (I'll have clients schedule reminders at 2-3 times of their choice):

  • Upon waking
  • During AM commute
  • Mid-morning
  • Before/after meals
  • Mid-afternoon
  • During PM commute
  • Before bed

Give just ONE of these tactics a try every day - I know you'll be glad you did!



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