Strict Pull-up TECHNIQUE

Want your first strict pull-up? Or your third?

Let’s get your shoulders feeling bulletproof and ramp you past your plateau!


Flaring those elbows and arching your chest may seem to help, but you'll likely plateau quickly or even start noticing some shoulder/elbow twinginess (I don't think that's a word but we're going with it).

????Your body is ONE deeply interconnected system.????

When we honor this and learn how to properly engage from head to toe, we get stronger and more resilient.


  • ????????GRIP = Just outside shoulder width in this variation. If the bar is small enough for you to wrap your thumb around it, do so - this will help secure your shoulder.
  • ????GAZE = Neutral and forward, should be able to see your toes the bottom of your vision.
  • ????SCAPULA = Your shoulder blades run the show. If you are unable to retract and rotate at the initiation of your pull, you need some lat and shoulder work. This dysfunction leads to a LARGE number of chronic/annoying issues.
  • ????????ELBOWS = Track slightly forward and down, done properly this will help you engage and use your lats while keeping your shoulder in a more secure position.
  • ????????CORE = If you've never felt your core in a pullup you've been missing out. Find your holllow position by imagining your upper back press behind you and squeezing yer bootay, so your hips tuck slightly.
  • ????????‍♀️TOES = Will naturally come forward as you engage your abs and lats. Point them down like a pretty lil gymnast, so we can complete this head to toe tension.

????Performing a pullup like this will be HARDER. But if you can check your ego at the door, you'll be struttin' around like a boss in no time.

One of my absolute favorite things is giving my people a plan when they're in the gym and helping them make it a place that forges their physical and mental strength. Movement is an integral part of our health, and I care deeply about helping people see it as something that can bring enjoyment - not something to dread.

Have you ever done a strict pullup? Can you do them now? I'd love to hear where you're at!????????



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