3 Sunday Systems to STOP HATING Mondays

In a nutshell?????????

You think being prepared for the week entails sacrificing precious time during your weekend - so you roll into Monday unprepared and spend the rest of the week feeling like you're always trying to catch up. No wonder we idolize the weekends. That's stressful af.

As always, it's easier than you think, takes less time than you think and is SO WORTH your focus.

Let's dive in.

System 1. Plan and prep ALL of Monday's meals

You don't need to prepare your entire week to be successful. I have clients do two days at a time up to the entire week. No matter what though, going into Monday knowing what you're going to eat is going to start your week off with so much more momentum (momentum trumps motivation urrytime). Pro tip: I hate taking time on Sunday to do meal planning or prepping, so I actually get it it done on Fridays. Experiment with whatever works for you!

System 2. Schedule your workouts

I know a ton of you guys work from home and have non-traditional work schedules. So, scheduling week by week and trying to stick with as similar a time as possible is clutch here. Set up accountability systems, plug your workouts into your week as appointments and make it as automated as possible.

System 3. Pick your AM and PM anchors

These should feel SUPER doable (no bonus points for complexity). The point is to anchor the beginning and end of your day, starting your day with momentum and putting an endcap on your day.

????????Das it. Outlining these three systems every Sunday can ABSOLUTELY change the trajectory of your week and get you on the road to consistency.



From nutrition tips to navigating alll the nuance.



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Because strategies without systems cannot succeed.



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