4 Systems TO START This Week

How often have you started a diet only to realize within days that you can't keep up with it?

It doesn't mean you're a failure. It just means you tried to implement a new strategy without setting up your systems first.

⁉️Did you know that 44% of lotto winners lose their entire fortune? And 68% of lottery winners continue to play the lottery? Any idea why that is?

????????They get the 'solution' but their current lifestyle and practices aren't equipped to handle it.

You can't succeed without systems.

This is why the first module in all of my programs covers setting up your routines (I call them automations).

⏱Try implementing these 4 systems this week⏱

1️⃣1. Schedule your meal planning routine in 3 parts

  • ????10-15min Planning session (look ahead to your week for events, dinners out, and make your grocery list)
  • ???? Grocery trip (or grocery order/pickup, it's an amazing time to be alive)
  • ????Prepping session (no more than 90min, otherwise you're making it too complicated)

2. Schedule your workouts OR a 20-minute daily walk

Yes, seriously put it in your calendar now, dude.

3. Start your day with 5 Sun Salutations

YouTube it - it's the reach, foldover, downward dog flow thing you do in almost every yoga class ever.

4️⃣4. End your day by putting a big glass of water on your nightstand, laying out your clothes and doing a 3:1:1 journal session

  • ???? 3 Wins from the day
  • ???? 1 Way you took care of yourself (or recovered)
  • ???? 1 Way you can be a little better tomorrow

If you don't have any daily systems, why would you expect yourself to use a food tracker or do anything else consistently?

If you want long-term results, start with your systems.



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