Tips for Taking a Break from Social Media

I’m in the midst of a long-term experiment.

Months ago, I was grappling with my relationship with social media. I think I was fearful of all the examples I’d seen before - coaches who grew their media game and became glued to their phones. Constantly posting, replying, messaging…and inevitably burning out.

No judgement here. In fact, I had already fallen to that burnout in my first business via overload, and I just wasn’t willing to dance with it again.

In the past, my anxiety and depressive symptoms correlated with high social media use. I asked myself if it was possible to be present on social media, to bring positive influence to my people, without allowing it to consume my life or affect my health.

I wasn’t sure. I just started asking what I would need to do to make that happen.

As the demands on my time increase, and I attempt to maintain priority on the ESSENTIALS (relationships, health, clients), I thought it would share this experiment with you. There is a TON of good to be found in social media and my newsfeed is proof of that. I can only hope that this post contributes to it,????????

????1. Turn off all device notifications

????We don’t need to know every time a post gets a like or junk mail hits our inbox.

2. Use “Do Not Disturb”

????During work, meetings & training. Tame yo monkey brain.

3. Get your phone out of the bedroom

????At MINIMUM get it off the nightstand and across the room.

4. Set usage & time goals

????Realzd or Screen Time can be programmed to notify you or even block you out of certain times or app limits.

5. Take one day off each week

????I have to delete IG app from my phone on these days, because I’m so wired to hop to it - but this practice is probably the most effective for me.

I invite you to join me in setting boundaries for your precious attention, contribution and energy.



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