The Key to Consistency

Let me guess…you struggle with consistency, eh?

Want to know the KEY to finding it?

Sometimes when I’m tired, feeling meh or just don’t wanna do what I “should” - I don’t. I skip the meal and keep working. Or I go sit outside instead of hitting the gym. Or I eat some ice cream while watching Great British Bake-off (duh).

Because that ONE occasion is not enough to make or break me. It’s ONE time amidst thousands of choices that DO serve me. And - MOST IMPORTANTLY - when we believe our only options are perfection or falling off the wagon, well…get used to eating dirt, my friend.

Believe me when I say I know what a crappy place that is to be in all the time.

The TRUTH is if you want to feel good in your body, experience health by scientific standards (not by social media standards) and enjoy yo life…YOU DON’T NEED TO BE PERFECT.

I know, I know. What a wild proposition. Truth is stranger than fiction. If you keep chasing that “all in” high you’re going to remain frustrated, and I really don’t want that for you.

So, ease up. Start asking what’s doable for you…not what you HAVE to do. And find the FUN in the process - because I promise promise promise it’s fun as hell to feel good and wake up every day seeing what these meat suits are capable of doing when they’re cared for.

Some questions that can provide direction & clarity for you today…

  • What do you want? In other words, what keeps you up at night when it comes to your health and body?
  • What exactly is keeping you from that? Is it lack of knowledge, resources, accountability, etc….get specific here.
  • ????What simple step can you start doing TOMORROW to get you moving in the right direction?
  • How can you make that simple step even easier? (ex. If it’s eating balanced meals, do you need to find a meal prep company, schedule time on Sunday to plan/prep, etc).


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