Use Time Blocking to Create SPACE

If your world is feeling really LOUD right now...

If you’ve been struggling to clarify your thoughts...

Access your own wisdom...

Manage anxiety/stress responses...

Then it may be time to reassess your time and create some space.

Creating space is the opposite of selfish. Rather, choosing to re-energize yourself means you are better equipped to contribute fully to the world...and the people in it .????

Here are 5 ways to create space right now...

  1. Take a break from podcasts and news - consider instrumental music.
  2. Start a jigsaw puzzle.
  3. Put your phone to bed and don't touch it upon waking.
  4. Get outside for five to ten minutes at a time (sit or walk).
  5. Refine your meal planning and prep systems.

And when you're ready for a longer-term solution, allow me to introduce TIME BLOCKING.????????

Time Blocking = Grouping together similar tasks and blocking off your time for "types" of tasks versus individual ones.

Real talk - I used to put together elaborate to-do lists and schedules and brain dumps...and try to muster up the motivation to get 'er done. Only to find myself in an endless cycle of spinning my wheels.???? Always feeling behind. Like I couldn't take a full breath.

I'd teeter between doing all the things like a maniac and collapsing into state of nothingness - feeling bad about it all the while.

In the past, working from home it would be like...

➡️Wake up, check phone, do something my phone prompted me to, realize I needed to take the girls out, walk, come back, do some housework, feel behind, do some work, realize I needed to eat and make brekkie, get distracted and do laundry...all day.

Here's an example of how I now time block a day:

  • ➡️Wake up + morning flow (stretch, dressed, get french press going, walk)
  • ➡️Work block
  • ➡️Move/Train
  • ➡️Lunch + some household stuff or break
  • ➡️Work block
  • ➡️Walk + break
  • ➡️Work block
  • ➡️Walk
  • ➡️Household stuff + dinner
  • ➡️Evening flow (lights dimmed, pj's, face, tv, chill)

It's the perfect amount of structure for someone who values flexibility but helps me be FAR more efficient with my time.

Try it out and don't be afraid to experiment until you find what works for YOU.



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