Top Five Productivity Tips

Wanna free up time, increase your energy and improve the quality of your work?

I love experimenting with productivity because although I LOVE what I do, I don’t think it should consume all of my time. I want you to be an efficiency ninja, too so you can spend your time on the other stuff that really matters - your health, relationships, and FUN.

☀️Here are a few of my favs.☀️

1. Move FIRST

You can't afford to be distracted by achy joints and blood that is oxygenated via circulation and movement helps with mental clarity and creativity. Even 5 minutes of neck rolls, mobility drills or squats can make a difference.

2. Cultivate your environment

I focus best when I've carved out a corner where I can see things happening but not be IN the action. Keep your work area clear and organized.

????3. Warmup and take breaks

My Workflow Warmup:

  1. Phone goes on do not disturb and out of sight
  2. Brain dump whatever is in my head
  3. Identify top 3 tasks for the day
  4. Schedule tasks in 15-25 minute blocks
  5. ACTUALLY STOP AND TAKE A BREAK at the 25-30min mark

????4. Batch your tasks

Identify types of tasks & work within those types for 15-25 min sprints. It's tempting to hop from one task to another, but task change is a huge loss of time, energy, and focus (not to mention more sympathetic on your nervous system). Batching will lead to a massive increase in productivity without exhaustion.

5. Eat meals without distraction

Allow yourself this time to chew, breathe and relax. You will come back to work more energized and focused.

6. BONUS: Favorite Focus Aids

  • Time Out (for Mac) - Desktop app for scheduled breaks (for windows there is Workrave).
  • Focus music - Spotify playlists are bae (I opt for classical instrumental). Youtube as well - the Chillhop series or search "music for concentration."
  • CILTEP - When I need to get surrrrious (like content creation days or one task days), I use the nootropic CILTEP. Helps me stay extra focused.


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