Top Reasons You Aren't CONSISTENT

When I asked you to get specific about what you felt kept you from being consistent, the most common responses were (paraphrased)...

  • "I get bored."
  • "I lose it on the weekends."
  • "I hate leftovers."
  • "Life throws me off."
  • "I love sweets."

I’ve broken down each of these top struggles with some tough love coaching followed by a suggestion.

As always please remember that although I have tried to personalize this for many of you, there is no such thing as a blog post that applies to everyone.

So if the tough love doesn’t hit home, take whatever helpful nugget you can and move on.

"I get bored"

The hard truth: You're probably not consistent enough to get bored and should question this belief.

Try this: Two "go-to" breakfasts and a planned lunch and dinner. Rotate or update your lunch and dinner weekly. Allot two to three meals out each week. And for the love of all that is holy, PREP MEALS YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY.

"I lose it on the weekends"

The hard truth: You're white fisting life during the week, so when two "free" and flexible days come your way you can't help but let go of it all.

Try this: Meal planning session and grocery restock on Thursday. Stick to normal meal times on the weekend. Cultivate a life you don't feel the need to escape on the weekends.

"I hate leftovers"

The hard truth: Your meals aren't good.

Try this: Stop trying to cook complicated and "super healthy" meals. Reheat in the oven, so it tastes fresh. Ask for an air fryer for Christmas, so you can become a gourmet chef overnight.

"Life throws me off"

The hard truth: Your systems aren't developed enough. Life will never stop happening. It's life.

Try this: You likely get thrown off by very consistent and repeatable events. Figure out what those are (last minute kids' events, late work nights) and set up systems to PREPARE for when they do.

"I love sweets"????

The hard truth: You're over-restricting at LEAST one food or food group, and relying on sheer willpower to "beat" your sugar tooth.

Try this: Eat. Your. Starchy. Carbs. Include three to four servings per day (think a handful of rice, potatoes, whole grain bread, etc.) in addition to a balanced plate of lean protein, veggies, and fat.⠀

Here's your bite-size takeaway...

1️⃣Define what "being consistent" means to you in specific daily or weekly actions.

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