Top 4 Routines for SUCCESS

Why you won't succeed without systems

Most people think of routines as stifling or restrictive...when really it's the exact opposite.

❓What could you be doing instead of spending the whole weekend on your couch recovering from a week that burned you out due to no system for recovering?

❓How much time are you wasting thinking about what you’re going to have for your next meal, acquiring it and putting it together?

❓What loss of productivity are you experiencing by working with a frantic and reactive mindset instead of being able to approach your day with poise and collective intent?

????????Wouldn't you rather be putting your money toward travel or FUN - instead of subsidizing your local restaurants or buying groceries you end up wasting every week?

Here's the thing - by automating the parts of our life that recur, we give ourselves more freedom and space for the things that we TRULY want to be spending our time on.

????????‍♀️I REALLLLLY like freedom - I've found that automating certain aspects of my life spares me a lot of wasted time and allows me to be way more flexible. If I want to adjust a certain aspect of it, because I already have systems in place, it's so much easier to go a little rogue without suffering the ramifications.

“Everyone has a finite capacity for good decision-making and staying on your “A-game” before laziness, stress, and temptation kick in. In order to increase productivity and make positive moves throughout the entire day, you need to automate as much of your life as you can. While this sounds like a boring life, the opposite it true. When you automate the predictable things in your day it allows you to react to the unpredictable and really take control with flexibility and poise.” The Power of Routine

☀️This is the cornerstone of the Fundamental Health Formula and the reason I help my people create their Big 4 Automations on Day 1.


1️⃣Morning Routine

1. Write It Out
How much time do you need to get everything done calmly?

2. Pick An Anchor

  • Make your bed
  • A light stretch
  • 5-10 box breaths or belly breaths
  • Visualze your day
  • A short walk
  • Drink tea/coffee outside
  • Journal 3:1:1
  • Pick a focus book

3. Execute
Set your alarm, be savage about it, and NO SNOOZING.


2️⃣Bedtime Routine

1. Pick a Start Time
This is where you'll start the wind-down process and end all the non-sleep-related stuff

2. Include:

  • Dim lights around the house
  • Lay out clothes and prep lunch
  • Get ready for bed (pro tip: salt lamp in the bathroom for chill lighting)
  • Pick an anchor: light stretch, box/belly reathing, meditate, play with pets, read
  • Set a non-negotiable lights out time (keep it within 30min of what you're doing now and slowly ease it back)

3. Execute
You won't be perfect or hit this every night and THAT'S FINE. It's all about experimenting and figuring out what works and what doesn't for YOU.


3️⃣Weekly Meal Planning

1. Meal Planning Sessions
This is a 10-15min planning sesh that is solely for planning and making your grocery lists and food orders.

2. Grocery Trip/Delivery
It's helpful when this is separate from your meal prepping so that the process isn't such a slog-fest. Try starting with one day for the bulk of your list and a backup day to fill in the gaps or get you through the weekend.

3. Meal Prep Session
Rule #1: If it takes you longer than 60-90 minutes the first time you do it, you've made it too hard!
Rule #2: Don't try to overhaul everything in the first week. Keep it simple, tasty, and DOABLE.

4. Backup Days
Successful systems come with contingency plans. What if you miss your meal planning sessions? Or plans come up on the Saturday you scheduled for your grocery trip?


4️⃣Weekly Movement Plan

1. How will I move every day?

2. What's my daily step minimum?

Even if it's a daily walk, PLAN IT OUT and put it in your schedule.


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