Are You in the Right  TRAINING PROGRAM?

Let’s start by answering a couple Q’s…

  1. Do I understand what my program is helping me accomplish? (If you don’t know, ASK)
  2. ❓Is it the same as my personal fitness or health goal?
  3. Is it something I can maintain regularly until I achieve at my goal?
    ❓Am I having FUN or at least enjoying it in some way? (This one is crucial).

We seem to always be in search of the best "program." Which one will burn the most fat, give us abs, etc. This makes us vulnerable to programs promising unrealistic body standards with minimal amount of work.

Here’s the truth - the best exercise regimen for you...that will make all your dreams come the one you CAN and WILL do every day. Not the fanciest, highest intensity, or flashiest, newest fad.

Are there some basic rules that everyone can benefit from?

Absolutely, such as...

  • Resistance training for muscle maintenance, bone density and hordes of other improved health markers (non-negotiable if you’re looking to burn fat)
  • Occasional bouts of high-intensity exercise such as sprinting, jumping, running (as in 1-3x/week not urryday ya fire breather)
  • Frequent lower-intensity movement (walking, climbing, moving in general - every day)

Our bodies are ill-suited to stagnancy and yet our society has evolved to make life insanely convenient - which is death to our health and vitality.

My friend, we were made to move. And I am passionate as hell about guiding people to their best bodies and lives through the Fundamental Health Formula. We take everything into account - your movement, stress, organization, sleep, nutrition and more. 



From nutrition tips to navigating alll the nuance.



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