4 Tips for Training SOLO

 I went YEARS training by my lonesome in a dark corner of CrossFit gyms between classes. It can be fun if you're REALLY committed to a plan, but eventually I got burned out. So you can imagine my displeasure when I had to scramble to figure out a workout from home situation (especially since going to the gym is one of my only outlets from working at home the last several years!)

So, yes, I have suggestions - 4 MUSTS if you will - to not only getting consistent with your exercise but ENJOYING it.

1️⃣1. OUTSOURCE your programming

Please. Pleeeeease. You've got so many things to navigate in your day. Getting to walk into your space, turn OFF your brain & move is epic.

FHF peeps - you get a personalized 3x/week program if you need it.

Everyone else check out...

2️⃣2. SCHEDULE it

On Sundays, when you're taking a look at the week, plug in a movement block every day as a non-negotiable appointment. I HIGHLY recommend sticking to the same time every day as much as possible.

3️⃣3. LOG OFF with a tv show/podcast

My movement time is my "not thinking" time (my brain is ALWAYS going). Even if I don't feel like working out - happens to all of us - I look forward to turning on a show & logging off for some me time.

My fav podcasts:

(Don't ask me about the dumb tv shows I allow myself to watch.)

4️⃣4. PROGRESS something

See #1. If you're rolling into a workout with no way to track progress, it's gonna get old rilllll quick. You don't have to stick with traditional metrics like one rep maxes.

Try one of these these:

  • # of reps
  • weight
  • sets
  • rest bt sets
  • perception of difficulty

Most people join FHF with the desire to "be active more regularly." There was a time they exercised and felt great, but at some point the formula didn't upgrade with their life, and it fell off. I LOVE seeing those same people bring movement back into their lives on the reg.

Fellow solo trainees - what do you enjoy about training on your own? ????????



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