It took me a few years but now I get it.

I want to vacation, relax and FEEL GOOD while doing it.????????

And I’ve compiled some simple ways I've learned over the years to have my cake, eat it...and not feel awful afterwards.

Day Before Travel

  • 20-30 minutes of aerobic-based movement
  • Pack travel snacks (protein and fiber)
  • Lay out travel clothes and cosmetics
  • Drink 60% of body weght in ounces
  • Go to BED!

Day of Travel

  • Start day with water and quick movement flow
  • Hit protein and fiber-dense breakfast
  • Bring water bottle and electrolytes
  • Walk at every opportunity
  • End day with gentle movement flow

During Trip

  • Start day with water and quick movement flow
  • Prioritize protein and fiber
  • DON'T skip breakfast
  • Walk at every opportunity
  • End day with gentle movement flow

Additional Notes

  • ????????‍♀️Aerobic-based movement = The goal is blood flow and to feel good. So if you can maintain the same pace and breathe consistently for 20-30min you've probably found a good pace, whether you're on a machine or combining movements
  • ????????‍♀️Gentle movement flow = Think 5 Sun Salutations or 10 Cat cows with breathing (not a full on 10-minute video)
  • ????Travel snacks = Turkey rolls, Greek yogurt, plantain chips, berries, apple + nut butter, high protein bars, whey protein in a baggie, sandwich, veggie sticks + guac, jerky...there are more options that assorted nuts!
  • ????Protein + fiber breakfast ideas = Oatmeal + protein powder, super smoothie, Greek yogurt + berries

Do you have a FAVORITE travel system?



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