Insane Benefits of WALKING

If I told you that taking a 5-10 minute walk in the morning and evening would...

  • Noticeably relieve stress
  • ????Improve gut health
  • ????Manage hunger
  • ????Speed up recovery
  • ????Burn fat

Would you do it?????

I know, I know - you need to "feel" like you got a workout in.

You're down with killing yourself in the gym - but the other 12 hours you're plunked in a chair or on the couch, right?

Been there...and so have a ton of my past clients. ⠀

For real though, it's such a big hammer, it makes ZERO sense not to use it.

Here is advice that will actually HELP you (and is free)...

⚠️Don't even THINK about playing with macros, keto or whatever the crazies are raving about this week until you're rocking a step count of 7k+ per day.

Steps are not the be-all-end-all, BUT they’re a pretty effective way of tracking our NEAT - Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - which, by the way, accounts for anywhere from 5-50% of how we use our energy (the more active you are the higher the percentage).

Guess how much exercise accounts for?

Maybe 5%.????????‍♀️

Pump your brakes, I'm not saying that working out isn't worth it (we need that resistance training for a ton of important things like lean mass retention, insulin sensitivity, etc).

BUT if we're looking at the whole picture and what activities make the biggest impact on our health as a whole, NEAT is wayyyyyy up there.

So how can we make it happen?

  • ✅Wake up and get a quick walk in
  • ✅Park further away from work and errands (be safe)
  • ✅Set reminders to get up every hour and take a lap or move (watch your productivity go up like crazy too)
  • ✅Get a post-dinner walk in (you'll help with digestion and feel amazing before bed)

Voila. That prescription can get you anywhere from 7k-12k depending on how long the walks are and how much you move on those midday breaks.

Don't have a step tracker?

Get the cheap-o one from Amazon for $30 - works just as well at Fitbits/Garmins I've used!



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