GET OUTSIDE With These 4 Walking Systems

I was definitely a late adopter to the walking game. It didn't make sense to me to spend time doing movement I couldn't "feel" working.

Oh boy. If I had known the difference it would make in my body composition, daily stress/anxiety levels and digestion I would have been all over it.

That said, even when I started learning about how powerful it was, it took me some time to get consistent with it.

So, if that's where you're at right now, I've got 4 simple + effective tips to becoming a daily walker (and loving it!).

1. Set aside your walking kit

Shoes, fanny pack, spare key - also make sure dog leashes and/or kids' stuff is organized and easy to grab, so you can throw it on and get out the door

2.2️⃣ Start SMALL

A 20-30min walk can feel DAUNTING when you're just starting out (and keep you from starting at all!). I finally decided to simply get outside, walk 5min out then, 5min back. Before I knew it I was looking forward to it and WANTING to extend my route.

3. Do it first thing or at a consistent time each day

If your days are always changing, then first thing is ideal or stacked on top of a something (like after a meal or before picking up kids, etc). Avoid telling yourself you'll go on a walk without getting specific. Commit to "I'm going on a walk after I use the restroom first thing" or "I'm going on a walk after I finish working."

4. Set a consistent route

This is a good way to mind jedi yourself into walking a specific distance or time. There are certain routes/directions I go that I know will get me at least 10 minutes and my current AM route gives me 30min on the nose (unless Kenna is super annoying about ????ing). Once you get tired of a route switching directions or even sides of the street can provide some variation.

⭐️BONUS⭐️ tips

If you're a podcaster, have your episode queued up and ready! You can also use your walking time to catch with loved ones on the phone.

What's the weather like where you're at? Have to bundle up or is it ideal for a daily walk? ????????



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