Who Needs A QUICK FIX?

My FAVORITE advice...

⭐️Rule out simple solutions before seeking the complex.

What if...⭐️

  • You could salvage that energy crash by taking some deep breaths through your nose, going on a super quick walk or adding a protein-based snack to your day?
  • ????That post-meal bloating went away if you took deeper breaths and ACTUALLY chewed your food?
  • Those incessant cravings disappeared if you stuck with consistent mealtimes and ensured you BALANCED those meals with protein, veggie, fat AND starchy carb?
  • That uncomfortable tired and wired feeling eased after a nice walk outside?
  • ????That anxiety running in the background was just some subconscious thoughts that needed some attention? Some beliefs that had formed based on inaccurate information? Your sweet little heart needing a kind word before you could let them go?

You won't always be able to solve things quickly or simply. That's not the point...

The point is SOMETIMES YOU CAN. And what's left standing will help you direct your energy more effectively. So why not start there?

Here's what you can do:

  • Energy crash
    • Ten nasal breaths, a five minute walk, or a protein snack
  • Bloating after meals
    • Take ten deep belly breaths and chew your food WAY more
  • Cravings
    • Stick to mealtimes and include sufficient protein and a starchy carb
  • Tired but wired
    • Go for a walk
  • Anxious
    • Identify the source and talk to yourself about it like a friend

Both I and my clients have been surprised by how simple some fixes are. Have you ever been surprised that a 'quick fix' actually worked for you?



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