Why You're ALWAYS Starting Over

It always ends in motivation or depression...

????????The feeling of disappointment after you feel like you've failed at another diet,


????????The feeling of fear at starting anything new because you don't want to feel that disappointment ("what if I fail again?")

So, you get stuck in limbo land until a wave of motivation or desperation hits - and go all in on something new.

This is a VICIOUS cycle. I've been in it. Most of my clients have been in it. I hope you haven't been in it, but chances are you've at least tasted it.

Why you're always starting over

1. You commit to way too much at the beginning and get discouraged

2. You have an unrealistic timeline (or no timeline at all)

3. You don't know how to measure your progress

4. You don't set up your systems first.

Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it

1️⃣1. Aim for 1 (maximum of 2) daily actions that impact your goal the most. Crush the sh*t out of them for a minimum of two weeks or until they feel locked in THEN upgrade or add something new.⠀

2️⃣2. "I want feel a noticeable difference in my energy levels by October" or "I want to lose X inches off my waist by October 20th" etc (and make sure it's doable, or you're setting yourself up for failure on Day 0).

3. Make sure you're measuring progress and checking in on it regularly. The scale *can* be a helpful correlating measurement, but if that messes with your head (and your goal is about looking gud nekked) then waist & hip measurements might be more helpful AS WELL as tracking sleep quality, steps, energy levels, etc.

4. Set up your systems before all else (here are some examples):

  • ???????? 8k steps: 10min walk in AM + two 5-minute walks midday + 10-minute walk in PM
  • ???????? Balanced lunch: Order meals each Friday or prepare meals on Sunday mornings
  • ???????? 3 workouts: Plug into calendar on Sundays as non-negotiable appointments and lay out workout clothes the night before

Either you find a way to make habits feel automated, so you don't even think about them, or you find ways to enjoy them (might surprise you that those two aren't mutually exclusive over time????).

I know you guys have great ideas for systems that we can all learn from. What is ONE system you've set up in your life that has helped you be more consistent?



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