Are You Willing

...and Able?

Because your goals will require both ability and willingness.

I know you have the ability part down pat.

  • You're able to go on a walk instead of scrolling on our phones.
  • Able to do progressive strength workouts instead of flashy, random IG ones.
  • Able to meal prep instead of ordering UberEats.
  • Able to go to bed instead of watch tv.

…however, without the willingness to choose that short-term discomfort, nothing will change.

If you’re not seeing progress, getting the results you want, or feeling good – well, you gotta own that outcome then, too.

And I totally understand life can get in the way, especially when you are going through a phase where time and energy are condensed.

You may be willing to record your food…
Willing to workout consistently…
Willing to get sleep…

…But you have a new kiddo.
Or short-term work project.
Or a family emergency.

Learning how to maintain progress by staying focused on what you can do (ability) and are motivated to do (willingness) during those times of life is the most valuable skill you can develop.

Because you know those times will show up.

When you can hang in there, stay afloat, keep doing the correct actions, life will open up again.

Keep on keeping on, even more when life gets busy.

Pick one hard thing each day.

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