Ever heard of this term?

A rate limiter is "an individual constraint, or system, that holds back or slows the emergence of a motor skill."

Let's say your goal is to be more consistent with your nutrition, so you can start seeing some body composition changes. But it's not happening. You keep struggling with being consistent in your meals.

????You need to identify the current constraint or your rate limiter.

You might identify that you're consistent for your first two meals but then it goes wheels off at dinner time.

Don't stop there...ask WHY that is and WHAT system/s you can implement to address that.

For example...

  • ????Are you eating so little in your first two meals that you're starving at dinner time?
  • ????Is there too much time between lunch and dinner and you need to add a protein-based afternoon snack?
  • ????Do you come home to no easy options which makes UberEats the obvious choice?

????Identify your rate limiter and match it with a system you can easily implement into your life.

Then FOLLOW THROUGH until it feels automated!

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you know or how ‘great’ a strategy is if you can't execute it consistently.

Are you...

  • Ravenous at dinner?
    • Add a protein-based afternoon snack.
  • Skipping workouts?
    • Lay out your clothes and put it in your schedule!
  • Overconsuming on weekends?
    • Stick to mealtimes and hit protein.
  • Feeling unmotivated?
    • Screw motivation. Chase momentum!

What's a rate limiter you're struggling with right now?



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