Some absolute legends who said some lovely things about working with me.


My nutrition has been forever changed thanks to Bri’s coaching  and consults.  I have yo yo’d my whole life and had a terrible relationship with food that started with disorders at a young age while playing basketball.  What I found so amazing was when I first met with Bri for a consult she made me feel so comfortable.  She started with her story which helped me feel comfortable enough to open up and talk about all my challenges over the years without feeling judged.  I had never really spoken about nutrition with anyone for fear of judgment but she always made me feel so at ease and gave me a whole new insight and courage.   She worked with me diligently and has created a whole new outlook on nutrition for me for the first time in 32 years.  I have seen great results with a loss of 4 inches on my waist and an overall feeling of strength and energy throughout life and my workouts.  I don’t have the fear of carbs anymore that I did and realize how important carbs are in our diet especially when training at an intense level.



Before Bri’s program, I was struggling with confidence in myself on all kinds of levels. I felt like I sucked at eating healthy - that it was too hard for a picky eater like me and I always craved foods that I tried to cut out to do “better”. I wasn’t confident in myself because I knew I was getting overweight and it was making me embarrassed and disheartened that everything I tried to do just wasn’t sticking, which would make my emotional eating even worse. I am eating veggies and starchy carbs way more consistently. I learned that it’s all about balance and not elimination. I could still eat what I wanted technically, I just needed to get the good stuff too and watch my macros. Once we started looking at my numbers it was easier to pinpoint my trouble areas which was definitely helpful in balancing my appetite and my weight is slowly but surely coming off without too much effort on my part! I’ve always exercised but now that I’ve focused on adding in the healthy eating component and taking Bri’s recommended supplements, I feel much more confident in my whole health package. I’m far from perfect, but I have definitely come very far and plan to maintain it and pass on my habits to my daughter so that she hopefully won’t have the struggle with mindset and weight that I have had!



I started working with Bri in March 2017 after ~6 months of struggling to sort nutrition out on my own. I had put on a lot of weight and just couldn’t shake it. I was CrossFitting 4-5 times per week, avoiding carbs, and eating mostly “clean” but not seeing progress. Paleo didn’t do the trick, tracking calories left me hungry. I was hugely frustrated.

Rather than radically overhauling my diet, Bri established a baseline and began making adjustments to determine what works best for my body, activity level, etc.  Her approach has always been a direct, nonjudgmental explanation of how my choices were advancing or impairing my goals.

As we’ve progressed, Bri has been there each step of the way, making adjustments, providing encouragement, checking in on me, answering my many questions, and reminding me that the goal is long-term success, not immediate gratification. There have been plateaus, and each time, she has worked as hard as I to identify the cause and craft a solution.

Although Bri reminds me that the numbers are a reflection of where things stand and not a goal themselves, the numbers don’t lie. In ten months, my weight is down over 11% and I’ve reduced my waist 11% and my hips 7%. Even with the weight loss, my strength has increased and my overall performance in the gym is better than ever.



I’ve been working with her for about 5 months and in those 5 months she has helped me change so much about my lifestyle and approach towards health. Lots of people would say their coaches changed their lives. Bri not only did that, but she has IMPROVED my life beyond measure. Her approach is not about looks, target goals, or sizes. Her programs are about integrating tools to improve every bit of your well being. She doesn’t just make a program and say follow it, she wants to figure out how you work and create a path to healthier living that ties into your life. I have learned SO much about mental, physical, and spiritual health. She hits every area of your life. Through her program she helped me change my lifestyle. She covers so many more areas than the average coach. We have covered stress management, sleep, food, work/life balance, restorative practices, food intolerances, anatomy, recovery, brain function, training, etc. The list goes on and on. She has instilled habits in me that I will carry with me my entire life. She is always there and will always be your biggest cheerleader, even when you feel like you’re not doing enough or want to give up. I can’t imagine being on this journey with anyone else!



I have been dieting for over twenty years and have tried everything …weight watchers, keto, beach body, macro counting, paleo, severe calorie restriction, you name it, I’ve tried it.  I’ve dropped weight, then gained it right back- that’s been the cycle.  I invested FHF because I wanted to learn how to be healthy.  After years of reading different theories and approaches to dieting, I was left straight up confused.  I didn’t know if carbs were good or bad.  Or dairy. Or low/non-fat foods.  I didn’t know what or how to eat anymore.

After signing up of for FHF I was still focused on losing weight.  Bri pushed me to think about what being healthy meant and how it was more than just my body composition.  It took a while (and frankly I sometimes revert to this thinking), I am no longer obsessing about the number on the scale.  I started paying attention to how I felt and how my stress level, movement, nutrition and daily habits were all part of my overall health.  I started meal prep on Sundays and plan out exercise and walks with my dog.  All of these little changes contributed to feeling good and well rested! 

While I am still motivated to lean out, I am no longer obsessing over it.  I feel better than I have in years and am looking forward to continuing to live a healthy and active life.  I’m excited to begin FHF Level 2 with Bri!!