What BFrank clients say...

My nutrition has been forever changed thanks to Bri’s coaching  and consults. I have yo yo’d my whole life and had a terrible relationship with food that started with disorders at a young age while playing basketball.  What I found so amazing was when I first met with Bri for a consult she made me feel so comfortable. She started with her story which helped me feel comfortable enough to open up and talk about all my challenges over the years without feeling judged. I had never really spoken about nutrition with anyone for fear of judgment but she always made me feel so at ease and gave me a whole new insight and courage. She worked with me diligently and has created a whole new outlook on nutrition for me for the first time in 32 years.  I have seen great results with a loss of 4 inches on my waist and an overall feeling of strength and energy throughout life and my workouts. I don’t have the fear of carbs anymore that I did and realize how important carbs are in our diet especially when training at an intense level.

Bonnie M.

I am a big believer in experts. Professionally, as a lawyer, I rely on subject matter experts to simplify and explain complicated concepts. Personally, I rely on Bri to do just that with nutrition. She takes this complicated field, filled with new and often seemingly contradictory information, and breaks it down as it applies to me—to how I live, how I eat, how my body responds.

I started working with Bri in March 2017 after ~6 months of struggling to sort nutrition out on my own. I had put on a lot of weight and just couldn’t shake it. I was CrossFitting 4-5 times per week, avoiding carbs, and eating mostly “clean” but not seeing progress. Paleo didn’t do the trick, tracking calories left me hungry. I was hugely frustrated.

Rather than radically overhauling my diet, Bri established a baseline and began making adjustments to determine what works best for my body, activity level, etc.  Her approach has always been a direct, nonjudgmental explanation of how my choices were advancing or impairing my goals.

As we’ve progressed, Bri has been there each step of the way, making adjustments, providing encouragement, checking in on me, answering my many questions, and reminding me that the goal is long-term success, not immediate gratification. There have been plateaus, and each time, she has worked as hard as I to identify the cause and craft a solution.

Although Bri reminds me that the numbers are a reflection of where things stand and not a goal themselves, the numbers don’t lie. In ten months, my weight is down over 11% and I’ve reduced my waist 11% and my hips 7%. Even with the weight loss, my strength has increased and my overall performance in the gym is better than ever.

I really cannot convey how grateful I am to Bri for doing the hard work of understanding and applying the ins and outs of nutrition and how much I appreciate her patience and dedication to my well being and success.

Bill S.

After a lifetime of struggling to achieve a healthy lifestyle, I have been working with B Frank Coaching for almost a year and the results have been amazing. Bri has worked with me one-on-one to develop a healthy enjoyable set of tools to enhance training and nutrition results. She has worked to show my misconceptions and emotional ties to nutrition and how they have affected my choices, then advance one small objective at a time to reach monstrous goals.

During my time with B Frank Coaching I have progressed from a guy with limited mobility and stamina to an athlete capable of reaching goals that I previously thought were impossible, such as a 325 lbs back squat, going down 4 pants sizes and completing a 5K. Working with Bri has been a true joy and has in every sense of the notion changed my life from someone lost in confusion on proper technique and nutrition choices to someone who can enjoy life, travel, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are ready for a change B Frank Coaching will provide, insight, support and coaching to reach your highest goals and beyond.    

Alex M.

Working with Bri is great. She takes an interest in you and what you want to achieve. She will spend time getting to know who you are, what drives you, where you want to go. Even if you only have a general idea of what you want to achieve, her unique combination of patience and natural curiosity will draw out why you contacted her in the first place. Then again, if you have an exact vision, she’s ready to jump in. It’s a very personalized approach.

Bri also challenges the status quo. She takes a holistic approach to helping you achieve your goals, often thinking of factors other than the direct inputs that might influence your progress. During check ins, she will figure out what’s going on with you – both the things that are working in addition to those that need improvement – in order to adjust your plan so you continue to grow.

I can tell you from personal experience that you will see results. My goal was to gain strength as well as develop more stability. Well, after only a few short months I’m putting extra weight on the bar and feeling more solid during lifts – and that’s despite many outside distractions that have kept me from training as consistently as I’d like.

Matt M.

I worked with Bri when I had an injury and my work outs and nutrition got out of wack. She helped me mentally and physically through this curve ball. Learning the appropriate amount of fuel my body needed along with appropriate work outs was so helpful. I loved her work outs and they were always tailored to specific goals we had discussed. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bri and love the aspects of sustainable lifestyle of nutrition, exercise and mentally managing these things.

Lindsey D.