Want to lose 10#?

Lean out your midsection?

Stop feeling so lost & behind during the week?

Cool, those are completely realistic goals.

Shout out to one of my badass clients Alex for coming up with the expression “automate the things you hate” to describe how he’s found success in doing the things he disliked doing in the past.┬áIf you struggle with eating consistently, training on the reg or any other part of your health, it’s time to AUTOMATE it and one of the most crucial practices to block in your schedule right now is your weekly planning.

Step 1: Schedule a 30-minute block on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for planning. In this 30-minute block you will write out..

  1. Your meals for 7 days (yes, all 7 especially if you’ve never done this before; also don’t forget to schedule in a couple nights eating out or takeaway)
  2. Your grocery list from this plan (prepare to save oodles of dollar dollar bills)
  3. Your morning routine for the week that includes some form of restoration – breathing, light stretching, stillness or journaling are great options
  4. Your bedtime routine and when you will start it each night

Step 2: Schedule your grocery trips

Sunday and Wednesday are my usual recommendations but pick the day/s that work best for your schedule

Step 3: Schedule your food prep

A larger block on Sunday (I rarely recommend exceeding 1-1.5 hours) and then a smaller one on Wednesday or Thursday before you run out of food and screw all your progress over the weekend (no more of that)


Be prepared for more time, more money and mo’ joy. I guarantee you will feel like a badass which, in my opinion, is the end game, my friends

“Meal planners were more likely to have a higher overall food variety. In women, meal planning was associated with lower odds of being overweight and obese. In men, the association was significant for obesity.” Ducrot et al.2017 PMC