Does meditating STRESS you out?
Yeah, I get it. You know meditating is SUPPOSED to…
✔️ reduce stress and stress-related illnesses
✔️decrease anxiety & depression
✔️reduce pain
✔️improve memory and intelligence
✔️increase efficiency
✔️lessen frequency of asthmatic attacks and other allergic reactions
✔️increase energy
✔️process emotions properly
(sources cited below)
…but you really have a hard time sticking to it, don’t you?

So, today I’m sharing some practical tips for locking down a meditation routine

SCHEDULE IT: Avoid the temptation to “get to it later”

CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT: Carve out a quiet, distraction-free space

MAKE IT A RITUALOur brains LOVE routine. Head to your corner, light up that bougie incense and have FUN with it!

USE A STRATEGY: I often start by focusing on breathing in and out. Then I give myself some time to (dare I say it?) THINK. Yep – I actually use the quiet time to sort through some thoughts. Finally, I spend the last few minutes meditating on my personal mantra. Oftentimes I find people are intimidated at the lack of structure and need a little direction getting startednama

CHANGE YOUR APPROACH: Fam, you’re neva gonna clear your mind. Surriously. But you WILL get better at allowing your thoughts to flow without needing to follow them



  • Remember – When you feel like you don’t have time to do it is when you need it most
  • Helpful Gateways – Insight Timer, StopBreatheThink, Calm & Headspace
  • Tea Candles – Cuz why wouldn’t you stare at fire if you have the option
  • Incense – Morning Star on Amazon comes with a delightful variety of scents plus you can get you a cute ass lotus incense holder
  • Meditation Pillow – Them hips will thank ya
Final Note: The first time you did a pushup or a squat it was probably shaky. Picture your meditation muscles this way. The more you practice, the more comfortable it will become.