Learn to use your precious time as effectively as possible to upgrade your health for lifelong results.

The gym is only 3% of your week.

I’m here to help you with the other 97%.


Hi, I’m Bri! I teach
knowledge-hungry people how to integrate nutrition, lifestyle and fitness with personalized systems.

I spent years helping hundreds of people attain physical health. But time and again and I saw them struggle with the hours outside the gym, at times even sabotaging the progress they desired. It’s pretty easy to find a gym or training program. But even if you train 5-6 hours per week in the BEST training program there is…this only addresses 3% of your time.

What about the other 97%?
Where’s the program for that?


Short-term programs fail because they are unable to provide sustainable habit formation specific to a your needs and lifestyle.

If you struggle with sticking to a diet, have a tendency to yo-yo or feel like you are constantly starting over, it’s time to rewrite your story.

Three amazing approaches to achieve your best health ever.


The Ultimate Plan + Support

The Fundamental Health Formula will give you the tools to feel at home in your body - without having to devote your entire life to it.


Your Health Essentials

The Self Guided Formula is for you. Learn exactly which nutrition, lifestyle and systems to implement into your life in only twelve weeks.

We once knew how to eat, move and live for optimal health and vitality. Let’s rebuild your forever habits one powerful action at a time.


Rather than radically overhauling my diet, Bri established a baseline and began making adjustments to determine what works best for my body, activity level, etc.  Her approach has always been a direct, nonjudgmental explanation of how my choices were advancing or impairing my goals. Even with my weight loss, my strength has increased and my overall performance in the gym is better than ever.



Before Bri’s program, I was struggling with confidence in myself on all kinds of levels. I felt like I sucked at eating healthy - that it was too hard for a picky eater like me and I always craved foods that I tried to cut out to do “better”. Since working with Bri I feel much more confident in my whole health package. I’m far from perfect, but I have definitely come very far and plan to maintain it and pass on my habits to my daughter.



I’ve been working with her for about 5 months and in those 5 months she has helped me change so much about my lifestyle and approach towards health. Lots of people would say their coaches changed their lives. Bri not only did that, but she has IMPROVED my life beyond measure. She is always there and will always be your biggest cheerleader, even when you feel like you’re not doing enough or want to give up. I can’t imagine being on this journey with anyone else!



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